Screen Advertising

As a business, you are always looking for new revenue sources. The solution could lie with screen advertising for your company.

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an image of an outdoor advertising screen for an online fashion retailer

7D Media makes it easy for your business to benefit from screen advertising by promoting and selling the advertising space, managing the content, installing the screens and supporting them on an ongoing basis.

Join the 7DMedia Network
We are always looking to add to our network of screens, we will provide you with a free digital screen solution including installation as well as a new revenue stream for your business.

7DMedia makes it easy for your business to benefit from screen advertising by:

  • Promoting and selling the advertising space,
  • Designing and managing the content,
  • Installing the display solution
  • And supporting them on an ongoing basis.

Why advertise with 7DMedia:

  • Promote your business
  • Earn Additional Revenue
Minimal investment
  • Give Your Location a Newer, More Modern Appearance
Engage Customers
  • Can be placed inside or at the window front
an image of an advert that is places in a busy town centre and displaying Istanbul as a holiday destination
an image of a digital advertising screen selling beauty cream in the window of a cosmetics shop

Sell Advertising Space

7D Solutions will plan, install, sell advertising space and manage them on your behalf. In addition to the main objective of the screen to promote your business and promotions, there will be a limited number of local businesses advertising on there too. You would be earning a nominal fee for letting us use your space. We will always ensure all adverts designed are of the highest quality improving your overall site image.

Typically, the businesses who will advertise on your screen will be from the local area and could range from solicitors to bakeries.

You can unlock the earning potential of your location today. Getting started with digital advertising is simple and straightforward.

Low-Cost Revenue Generation

Digital Advertising is a low-cost way to generate revenue for your business. By allowing others, who are not in any way competing with your own products or services, to display their services to customers while they are at your location, you can make money from advertising, without needing to spend any money.

Minimal investment Needed

7D Media will arrange all of the equipment, the installation, the advertisers, the content, along with the ongoing maintenance and technical support for the screens. You do not need to pay any money upfront or invest any of your time supporting or promoting this service.

Let's transform your business

If you are interested in digital advertising for your business, and generating a new source of income for your business, then please get in touch with one of the team today.

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