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Project Installation Terms & Conditions

1. This price is inclusive of design, project management, installation, materials, commissioning, Programming, demonstrating and a 12 month warranty covering all parts and labour.

2. Payment terms form part of the offer and Terms and Conditions. Payment terms are set out as follows:
i) Purchase orders below £15,000.00 should be paid immediately once invoice has been issued.
ii) Should the work exceed 30 days in duration, 7DSolutions reserves the right to request
and receive interim payment(s).
iii) All orders that exceed £ 15,000.00 included a provision that a 50% deposit is payable in
Advance before any installation can proceed.

3. 7DSolutions requires 10 days’ notice for an installation to be carried out.

4. 7DSolutions retains all retention to title to all equipment until payment of equipment has been received in full. No retention can be ceded to a third party until this clause has been met.

5. This quotation is priced for a standard installation. Should the requirements or specification change, a Variation Order will be required and extra items will be charged at our current list price.

6. If access equipment has to be hired, the cost will be charged to the Customer.

7. Abortive visits, which are not under the control of 7DSolutions installers, will be charged to the Customer at the current list price.

8. 7DSolutions reserves the right to recharge the Customer in the event of incurring additional expenditure as a result of delay, alteration or additions to the programme as a result of actions or decision of others. Rates to be agreed with the client based on 7DSolutions published day

9. If Project Design is initiated on receipt of agreement of this Quotation, but the project is then aborted by the Customer, the cost of the work already carried out will be billed to the Customer.

10. If there is a requirement for an external aerial, a specialist contractor will be used and the charge passed on to the Customer.

11. All electrical supplies and sockets must be made available by the Customer.

12. All planning permission, consents and authority to operate the equipment to be obtained by the Customer.

13. Mains power and any containment that may be required to be provided by others, unless specifically requested to 7DSolutions and is detailed in the quotation specification.

14. Client to provide all first fix wiring unless specified in quotation.

15. The client is responsible for all goods once delivered to site, whether attached to the structure, installed or remaining in storage awaiting installation, provided signed delivery notes have been supplied.

16. A restocking charge for all goods returned, having been correctly supplied from the order will be subject to a discretionary restocking charge of 20%.

17. Prices quoted exclude VAT @ the prevailing rate and are subject to manufacturers’ increases, availability or substitution of a similar product if that specified is no longer available.

THE QUOTATION IS VALID FOR 30 DAYS FROM THE DATE SHOWN[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]